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About Us

What is it we do?

We develop AI software which can help you:

Gnosys - your personal AI interpreter, who translates Sign language to speech (you may call it Google translate for the Deaf)

Teachy - AI app that can teach you how to sign (speak in sign language)

ApVizor - personal app-advisor for the visually impaired

Why we do it?

To help kids:

  • More than 70 % of hearing parents who have deaf children do not use sign language with their children. 

To bring equality

  • Deaf person can’t make an emergency call as easy as hearing person. 

To bring comfort

  •  Deaf personcan’t make common phone or video calls, or talk eye to eye to friends who doesn’t understand sign language. 

To fight Audism and discrimination

  • Deaf and visually impaired people are often discriminated

100% Cloud computing

Our software can run on any device of your choice, because all the work is done on Cloud, the only thing you need is a internet connection and desire to use AI to your advantage!

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