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AI powered technology

New AI-powered technology offers a superior approach to translating sign language, and our company is the first in EU to offer it. Evalk will help Deaf to be heard, will destroy the silent barrier between people, by creating software that translates sign language to speech,

as person speaks. We use neural networks, computer vision to recognize the video of sign language speaker,and then smart algorithms translate it into speech!

You may call it Google-translate for the Deaf, or pocket interpreter for the Deaf

Problem we solve

Affordable and always available interpreter services are in heavy demand in the Deaf community. Besides that every day thousands of local businesses around the globe are having problems with providing their services to Deaf people. 

Both Deaf community and businesses are looking for the convenient, affordable, and easy-to-use solution.

For all of that demand, though, there are few solutions, and none of them is either affordable or convenient.

How do you serve your deaf customers today?

We offer an affordable, easy to use, innovative digital interpreter solution, to those who want to provide Deaf customers with the

same quality of his services as he provides for everyone else. Just place a camera facing your Deaf customers and you will hear

them speak.

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